A new practice inspired by Seth Godin and my need for something to look forward to.

The other day Levi sent me an article about Seth Godin, morning routines, and writing every day. Probably because I’m all about self-care and morning routines. Plus, I’ve not really been myself lately (who else have I been?), and I’ve been craving something different.

So I read the article, and it was nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it intrigued me. Seth talked about writing everyday as a morning practice, a personal practice, and a daily habit. I’ve been thinking about doing a 100 day challenge for watercolor paintings, because that is what I’m currently fixated on, but I know that the reality is that I probably won’t get beyond day 7. What would it looked like if I wrote everyday just to write? Not concerned with giving or sharing insight, making money, gaining followers. Simply to write and have a daily practice?

I guess I’ll try it.

I did some more reading about this practice and I know it’s going to be bad. I haven’t written, journaled, expressed my thoughts in any way in over a month. In one of Seth’s blog posts he talks about the first 1,000 posts being difficult, and I think he mentioned somewhere to not be overly concerned with if your writing is good or not (I could totally be making this up).

I think the reason, I’m so intrigued by this idea of writing a blog post everyday with out the limitations of niches, and topics, and all that other stuff is because I’ve always had this desire to be seen, to be heard, to share what goes on in my world. I may or may not use this practice as a way to explore this desire to be an open book that seems to be constantly derailed by my depression, anxiety, procrastination, and fear of judgement. Yet, this exact practice of showing up, blogging everyday, and not caring what I’m talking about definitely goes against that last one.

What I need most right now is something to look forward to daily. So here goes.

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