A dreary day = procrastination

Today is the type of day that I’ve been dreading since I decided that I would blog everyday. The type of day where I have absolutely no motivation to do any of the practices that I have set up to support my creativity. It’s as if I woke up with no energy, desire, willingness to do any of the things that I know support me. It very well could be a direct result of the rain and overall blanket of dreariness that Mother Nature has laid upon us.

The other thing that I’m starting to worry about is the content that I’m posting. I’m not even a week into this (vaguely gestures with my hand in a circle) whatever I’m calling writing/blogging everyday and it’s like my ego has decided to step in and decide that what I have to write about is extremely boring and of no use to anyone. I remember my first or second blog post sharing that I had always placed too much pressure on myself, and here it comes. The pressure. I mean, no one is even reading this, so what’s the matter? It can be utter crap and it’s simply the practice.

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Art Supplies and Abundance

When it comes to blogging everyday, is it cheating to expand on a thought I had in my morning pages session? I don’t think so, because this space doesn’t have any rules, yet. If I were to impose rules on this practice already, I’m sure that I wouldn’t want to continue, and I’ve only just begun.

Onto the insight surrounding money and art supplies. Hopefully this doesn’t become too long.

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A new practice inspired by Seth Godin and my need for something to look forward to.

The other day Levi sent me an article about Seth Godin, morning routines, and writing every day. Probably because I’m all about self-care and morning routines. Plus, I’ve not really been myself lately (who else have I been?), and I’ve been craving something different.

So I read the article, and it was nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it intrigued me. Seth talked about writing everyday as a morning practice, a personal practice, and a daily habit. I’ve been thinking about doing a 100 day challenge for watercolor paintings, because that is what I’m currently fixated on, but I know that the reality is that I probably won’t get beyond day 7. What would it looked like if I wrote everyday just to write? Not concerned with giving or sharing insight, making money, gaining followers. Simply to write and have a daily practice?

I guess I’ll try it.

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