Financial Self-Care Tips for the Holidays

Hey! I just wanted to drop a quick post about something that a lot of people don’t think of as self-care: finances!

But it is a part of our self-care practice. Consider how you feel when you’ve paid all of your bills. When you know what is coming in and what is going out of your accounts. You feel nice and relaxed and IN CONTROL. So financial self-care is ESSENTIAL!

Now that the holiday season is in FULL SWING you’re going to be doing some shopping and spending, so I want to make sure that stay on top of your game when it comes to your energy around money and the holidays.

Here are a few tips that I think will set you up sweet:

Decide Who You are shopping for before you get to the store! Are you going to shop for your immediate family, or are you shopping for extended family as well? Do you want to get small gifts or tokens of appreciation for those people who help make life a little easier (mailperson, barista, garbage collector, dog groomer)? Are you participating in gift exchanges? Do you WANT to participate in said gift exchanges? These are questions to ask yourself before you start shopping so you aren’t becoming frazzled the week or even the night before a party/holiday celebration.

Use a gift list. It’s a simple tracking sheet of what items you bought, who you bought it for, and how much you spent. You can write it on a sheet of paper, use a Google Doc or even Numbers or Excel.

You could even take this to a deeper level if you wanted. Track spending limits for people, what cards you used for each purchase, and their bill due dates.

Or you could keep it simple. If the thought of having this tracking sheet have all this information on it sends you into an overwhelm spiral, start with the basics. And make sure to take a few deep breaths!

Don’t just shop Amazon. Yes, they sometimes have good prices, but sometimes you can find better deals on different websites.

A personal example: I asked for wool socks and there are hundreds of options on Amazon. I did a quick search and found a website called Sock Addict that was having a 25% off sale for some really high-quality name brands PLUS I got free shipping!

Use the 4 Gift Rule. Something they want, something they need, something they wear, something they read. I’m writing a blog post about this and my thoughts about it and it should be up in a day or two!

Here are three tips that my bank sent me that are perfectly aligned with financial self-care because they give you peace of mind:

Use a different username and password for your bank account. This way if a different account does happen to get breached, your money is safe!

*This is actually a really good tip that I’ve never thought about and will be implementing ASAP*

Be aware of emails, calls, or texts asking you for personal information. Banks will always use your name when they contact you and ask you to verify the specific security info you set up for your account. Your bank will not ask you for your social security number, debit card PIN, or password!

Whenever my bank emails me, they always reference the last 4 or 6 digits of my account with the first line of the email looking like this:

“RE: Your account ending in XXXX”

It never hurts to check the sending email before you reply. The sending email will always have your bank’s name listed somewhere after that @ symbol.

Update your contact info. This is an important thing to check, update, and refresh a few times a year. By keeping your contact info up to date it ensures that the banks can contact you as soon as they notice any suspicious activity.

Okay, this is all I’m going to share in the post for now. I have a lot more tips that come to mind as I’m typing, so maybe I’ll do a follow-up post. I DON’T want you to feel overwhelmed by your financial self-care. These suggestions are meant to support you in feeling steady and prepared, not overwhelmed and frazzled!

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